Great energy, amazing, thoughtful, experienced teachers – G.B.
I like the hands-on approach to help me get the most out of the poses/practice. – P.W.
Welcoming, good hands on corrections, teachers are very knowledgeable. – J.L.
Approachable atmosphere. Smart, engaging and passionate teachers who are open to feedback. Consistency of quality. Great balance of challenge and practicing ease. Incorporation of harmonium and chanting is something I particularly love about the classes – M.F.
Michael is a fantastic yoga teacher — the practice is not just about the physical, but more importantly about the spiritual. He doesn’t over correct positions so that you become paranoid, but instead encourages you and only corrects when necessary in a gentle way. I have never liked yoga before because it always seemed to be about pushing oneself, achieving and competing. Michael’s classes are not like that — quite the opposite — they are about inner work and focus and kindness. - E.C.
I am a beginner and the instructors have made me feel very comfortable. Also the space is very positive, the view is awesome. Thanks for everything. – D.L.
The values and vision of the studio are what makes it so unique and special to me. The diverse schedule makes it inviting to all. Plus, the new space is absolutely beautiful. – E.P.
The friendly welcoming I received as a new student to the Yoga House was wonderful. The space we practice in is beautiful with lots of natural light and it’s within walking distance from my home, what could be better? - V.M.
The Chakra and Sound Healing Yoga workshop was awesome! My parents and I had a wonderfully peaceful time! And the staff were kind and welcoming. There was a moment during my meditation when I truly felt at home. Thank you, Yoga House! - C.C.
Great teachers, great space, great vision. Love it!! -N.B.