I am an Emergence Practitioner. I practice Emergence Therapy, where I help people make discoveries about their own nature. What hurts them. What pleases them. Where they are blocked. And, where they are connected. It's called "Emergence" because the work is to help people have what are often referred to as aha's, breakthroughs, or pleasant surprises. And because these pleasant surprises occur in places where there once was pain, the natural ability to experience what once was blocked and blank inside of them improve, permanently. I say, "I help", because this work CANNOT be done without you. 

I serve as only a guide, to point you in a direction to become more curious, that there might just possibly be a way to think differently, to behave differently, to FEEL differently. 

With much love,

For more information or to book your appointment, please contact me:

By phone: 845-680-6776 or E-mail: yoga@theyogahousepiermont.com

The Center for Emergence
Founder & Teacher of Emergence Therapy
Steven Paglierani, LCSW-R